Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Ladies of the Night! AHHH!

Move aside Manhattan! Adios Chicago, South Beach and Beverly Hills! Over the past decade, Las Vegas with its opulent spas, five-star restaurants, swank nightlife, and shopping to fit any budget and style from Gucci girl to clubbing queen, has emerged as a top destination for women looking to get away from it all for a weekend of sheer indulgence and bliss. But in a city boasting a theatre scene to rival Broadway, 24 hour in-room beauty treatments, star studded casinos and award winning cosmos served in luxe, glamour soaked cocktail lounges, how do women make the most of their weekend in paradise? Molly Sullivan is the star of E! Entertainment's hot new reality show Paradise City, and associate producer and host of Hot On! Las Vegas, the hit weekly community lifestyle program that showcases the energy and excitement of Vegas. A lifelong resident of Sin City, Molly’s Las Vegas Little Red Book: A Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend is the perfect entrĂ©e to an unforgettable “no tell” weekend for single gals on the prowl, soccer moms on holiday, and all those fabulous fun-seeking women in between. Las Vegas Little Red Book is the much anticipated, sought after companion to last year’s smash hit Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend by David deMontmollin and Hiram Todd Norman which earned raves for its practical no-nonsense advice for groups of men seeking that little slice of Vegas nirvana.

Source: justincharlesbooks.com

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